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Resins are our Business

With more than 80 years of experience in the development and manufatcuring of high quality materials, SIR INDUSTRIALE simply knows how to find the best solution for your specific needs

Our field of expertize comprises advanced materials, coating solutions, insulation and much more.

Epoxy Resins

PCB - Anticorrosion - Solvent Borne Paint - Can Coating - Civil Engineering

Powder Coating

A complete range of products: Epoxy, Saturated Polyester, Hardeners and Additives

Additives and Hardeners

Additives for several applications

Expandable Polystyrene

Engineering Sector - Packaging - Insulating Materials

Unsaturated Polyester

Corrugated and FlatSheets - Artificial Marble - Pultrusion - Buttons - Wood Paints - Panels - Building and Sanitary Ware - Filament Winding - SMC/BMC - Boat/Naval

Vinylester Resins

Coating, vacuum molding, naval industry, high corrosion resistant materials